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NOTE: You do not have to be afraid of knitting a red and white stripe sweater anymore. Just toss a SHOUT Color Catcher in your washing machine and no more bleeding dyes. I have not tried it for hand washing yet.


Normal wash   helpful_info_care_symbol_8 Normal Dry   helpful_info_care_symbol_14 Iron
helpful_info_care_symbol_2 Gentle
  helpful_info_care_symbol_9 Gentle Delicate Dry   helpful_info_care_symbol_15 Iron
Low Heat
helpful_info_care_symbol_3 Hand Wash Only   helpful_info_care_symbol_10 Dry Flat   helpful_info_care_symbol_16 Iron
Medium Heat
helpful_info_care_symbol_4 Do Not Wash   helpful_info_care_symbol_11 Do Not Dry   helpful_info_care_symbol_17 Iron
High Heat
helpful_info_care_symbol_5 Use Any Bleach   helpful_info_care_symbol_12 Dry Clean Only   helpful_info_care_symbol_18 Do Not Iron
helpful_info_care_symbol_6 Only
Non-Chlorine Bleach
  helpful_info_care_symbol_13 Do Not Dry Clean   helpful_info_care_symbol_19 Do Not Use Steam
helpful_info_care_symbol_7 Do Not Bleach            


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