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cotton fine


Brown Sheep Yarn Company's Cotton Fine "the little yarn that could" is a blend of 80% pima cotton and 20% merino wool that creates a yarn that is both soft to the touch and delightfully resilient. It is comfortable for all seasons. This unique plied cabled yarn provides a beautiful texture and drape for every knitted garment. Most knitters do not stop a one project. Cotton Fine looks great knit from 7 stitches to the inch on size 4 needles to 5.75 stitches to the inch on size 6 needles.


The following were designed using cotton fine

         Women's Sweaters
58 - olympia
59 - callie
60 - skylark
61 - glenda
62 - portia
63 - hallie
64 - camilla
65 - olive
66 - palona
67 - vera
68 - rheanna
69 - siobhan
70 - blair
71 - willow
72 - celia
73 - ethel
74 - chelsea
75 - hazel
76 - carlina
77 - natasha
Scarves and Wraps
29 – merle oberon
31 – jean harlow
 Children's Sweaters
31 – reeses pieces
32 – goobers


machine wash, gentle cycle — lay flat to dry

The diagram below helps to give you an idea of how far 2 cones will go. Many of the sweaters are written with both short sleeve and long sleeve directions.

Women's, size small, short sleeve sweaters require approximately between 195 to 228 grams. We suggest that you purchase 2 cones for most projects



+ cotton_fine_equal_chart_1 = cotton_fine_equal_chart_2 + cotton_fine_equal_chart_3 + cotton_fine_equal_chart_4 + cotton_fine_equal_chart_5
Each Cone
226 grams - 1000 yards
(excluding center cones)

452 grams
women's size small
short sleeve v-neck

195 grams
women's size small
tank top

90 grams
childs size 4
v-neck with cabbage roses

129 grams

38 grams


This yarn: $24.95 per cone
Brown Sheep - Cotton Fine

Enter your color - see below



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If you have any questions feel free to contact me.





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